America And Kore Cultural Difference Based On The Six Dimensions Of Culture

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America and Korea: Cultural Difference Based on the Six Dimensions of Culture
Leadership is unique to all organizations. In Geert Hofstede’s research he studies different nations and how their cultures affect their work place. It is an interesting concept to see how different countries relate to the employment environment. Hofstede himself describes culture as “the collective programming of the mind distinguishing the members of one group or category of people from others.” I have been to Korea and as different as we look we have a lot of similarities from an outside perspective. As far as I knew employment and the treatment of employees were no less different than we in America are. I was off in my thinking. Our cultural values are extremely different. America itself is unique in the fact we don’t go with one set of values and most are usually not based off philosophical teachings. America and Korea differentiate culturally with America being an individualistic society and Korea more focused on a collective society. One culture values independence and one focuses on family values as the underbelly of their culture.
America as A Society
America is a culture based on individualism and autonomy. We are a society that focuses on our own independent needs, feelings, and goals. (Sung & Tinkham, 2005) As a culture we seek freedom to live the life we have dreamed for ourselves. This country is made of many unique cultures and past experiences and has built its values based on…

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