Americ The Multinational Society Essay

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America: The Multinational Society Analysis
The United States is known as a multicultural country, is an ideal place for the migrants. When talking about the common culture of the majority of Americans is referred to “American popular culture,” That is a Western culture largely drawn from the traditions of immigrants from Western Europe, starting as the Dutch Settlers, British, etc. Following is migrant of Asian people contributed to diversification of culture in the U.S and made the U.S like a small world on the earth. This multicultural society was being the topic for many author to write. “America: The Multinational Society” which is written by Ishmael Reed is one of them. Specifically, in the text, Ishmael Reed criticizes the American society through his use of appeals to ethos, irony, historical allusion, personal encounter. He is critical of American society to view the nation as multicultural, and accept the fact that American was based on principles adopted from other countries and culture to derive people practice from land. Ishmael Reed is a well-known African American author, and his cultural background let him to make personal connections with the reader when he discusses obstacles color Americans face in American society, as most of people tend to think that Americans normally are white people. From the beginning in Reed’s paper, he cited a quote from an article of the New York Times to portray a scene which might be an ironic evident to most Americans. The…

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