Americ The Land Of The Free And The Home Essay

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America: the land of the free and the home of the brave. The people of America like to see their country as the epitome of virtue, equality, and human decency. But if one was to take a deeper look into America’s culture, its government, the “system,” well they wouldn’t have to look very far to find cracks in its impeccable facade. Vincent Schraldi makes an admirable effort to peel back that front and reveal deep issues, namely “What Mass Incarceration Looks Like for Juveniles.” At first glance it’s easy to see that he attacks the problem head on with cold hard facts. Just as importantly, he pulls at the audience’s heart strings by forcing them to see life from the side of those in the system whose stories no one cares to listen to.

Facts cannot be argued. They are, by their very definition, indisputably true. Thus there is no more effective way for one to present a case than to lay out the facts that support it. Schraldi opens by citing that “For the previous 19 years, the department had been under a court order for unconstitutional conditions… In the year prior, two scathing reports, one by the district’s general and another from plaintiffs’ experts, detailed appalling conditions.” This excerpt shows just how far gone the prison system is. The prison itself was committing crimes, nothing could be more ironic. This prison was under court order and had two reports outlining its wrongdoings. That’s corruption at its finest. Schraldi seems to be wondering how America can…

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