Americ The Land Of The Free And The Home Of Inequality Essay

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Laura Meyer
Sociology 3420: The Family
Lesson #4

America: the land of the free and the home of inequality. As much as one may want to think of our country as one that does not have racial and social inequalities, he or she could not be more wrong.. These divisions begin in childhood and we as a society continue to perpetuate through adult years. To discuss in further detail these unequal opportunities and distribution of wealth between social classes, one must question why are they unequal and how was this inequality produced? Annete Lareau studied a wide range of families from different social classes over a period of time in order to gain first- hand insight on these questions.

To recognize the various reasons as to why inequality exists, one must consider how classes are divided. According to Annette Lareau, there are two distinct socio-cultural groups in the United States: the middle class and the working class. This division of classes is based on certain factors such as but not limited to: annual income, parent’s education level and occupations, and the location and quality of home life. Material assets and monetary wealth are not the biggest factors when it comes to determining the direction of a child’s life. Laurau claims children are more influenced by their parent’s behavior and ideals, and how they view and carry out their own responsibilities. For each of these groups, there seems to be a particular type of parenting…

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