Essay on Americ The Land Of Opportunity, Freedom, And Freedom

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What is America? America is the land of opportunity, freedom, and hope for many. America is the land of opportunity. It is a place of rebirth, hope, and freedom. However, it was not always like that for women. Many times in history women were oppressed, belittled, and deprived of the opportunity to learn and work in their desired profession. Instead, their life was confined to the home and family. While this was a noble role, many females felt that they were being restricted and therefore desired more independence. In America, women started to break the mold in 1848 and continued to push for social, political, educational, and career freedom. By the 1920s, women had experienced significant liberation, as they were then allowed to vote, hold public office, gain a higher education, obtain new jobs, drastically change their appearance, and participate in entertainment and sports. However, there are some that say that females were still suppressed by the advertising industry and stereotypes. But even with those setbacks, women achieved a new way of life that affected the entire nation. By the 1950s women were still be oppressed in some ways. In the Reading the American Past book the author states that women are household slaves in 1949. It follows: HELP WANTED: DOMESTIC: FEMALE. All cooking, cleaning, laundering, sewing, meal planning, shopping, week chauffeuring, social secretarial service, and complete care of three children. Salary at employer’s option. Time off if possible.…

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