Americ Land Of The Free Essay

1216 Words Jul 10th, 2015 null Page
“America: land of the free. “ What does this freedom really mean though? Some Americans have taken advantage of their freedom of speech, to allow them to advertise for their companies, some use their freedom to create foods for the public, and others simply claim their freedom to eat what they please. In recent years, this has become less about what the body needs to maintain health and more about convince and saving a couple of dollars. America, in its early years, struggled to create a solid foundation, battling to become independent, battling for land, and for the evolution of technology. Americans were once known for hard work, bringing up a new nation from the dust and creating something magnificent. Over the past 70-80 years the country has taken a devastating U-turn, heading into an age of lethargy and convince, ultimately leading to the alarming levels of obesity, anxiety, depression, and disease. America is so far deep into this crisis that the general public is uniformed that the extensive consumption of processes foods is the main cause for all of the obesity, anxiety, depression and disease, ultimately resulting in shorter and less enjoyable lives throughout all of America. Food is essential, every human being requires nourishment to survive. This fact is often overlooked when pulling through a Burger King drive-through. The vast majority of the population of this country has forgotten that we need to eat to stay healthy, rather than “because it tastes good”.…

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