Americ A World Super Power Essay

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So to start off I wanted to state what I am writing this paper on. This paper is on America emerging as a world super power not just physically but economically as well. As we all know America really burst out as world super power around the end of World War II. Which all began September 1, 1939. When a news article of the new York times had stated that Japan Surrendered and that was the end of war. As along side of that we also know what America did ensure that Japan would surrender and that was dropping a bomb on them for what they did at pearl harbor. That is how you could say we America showed ourselves to be physical force not to mess with.( Another person that helped show how America as a world super power would be none other than President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Franklin D. Roosevelt was by far one of the best presidents we as a country have ever had. He served for the longest time lasting 12 years. In providing that leadership Roosevelt emerged as a towering public figure of the 20th century. One of President Roosevelt’s main things was driving the country forward. Throughout his presidency half of the American people, those at the lower end of the compensation scale had doubled their income. While those in the top twenty percent had risen by little more than fifty percent. Then those at the bottom of the totem pole saw their income increase by sixteen percent. This reduced social and economic inequalities during the…

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