Americ A Unique Nation Essay

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America: A Unique Nation
In the nineteenth century there were many events going on in America, there was expansion, many new religions came about, and of course there was the Civil War. Many have argued hat America was just an extension of Europe at the time, but the real culture of America was unique and always changing. To state that America was just an extension of the culture in Europe, neglects the fact that a relatively new nation was able to have views of its own and was strong enough to fight back against what they did not believe in and also establish a government that was for the people. America was and still is an innovator that is ahead of its time.
America during the nineteenth century was a tumultuous time, especially for the brave people who volunteered to go to an unknown wilderness and explore; with the common goal of finding new inhabitable land that they could work. The Louisiana Purchase granted almost 530 million acres of land to the American government after it was purchased from France. This might seem like a great achievement, which it was, but it required many people to go out and work the land. Not only did these folks have to leave their lives and in some cases learn to cultivate land, but also many times they encountered Native Americans. Not many places in Europe had to encounter a native people at this period of time. Many battles and wars were fought to protect the American people, however this did not bode well for the natives. The American…

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