Americ A Dark Side Of History Essays

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In 1776, a group of men came together and wrote the Declaration of Independence. From that, the United States of America was born. In 1776 there where the original 13 colonies, since then US has expanded its physical territory exponentially. It now has 50 states, along with many islands and common wealth. Along with its physical expansion, also came an economic boom. The US has been known for decades as the land of opportunity. Many immigrants travel to the US for the “American Dream”, escaping war, poverty, and persecution. Unfortunately, with all of its positive aspects, there is also a dark side of history. There are plenty of dark chapters in US history. They range from the atrocities committed during times of slavery to the frail economy of the US, and the dying middle class. Although in modern day America, one cannot deny nor ignore the fact that the US was brought by less than respectable actions and yet we refuse to shine light to the dark and shameful events that led to our current standing in society and culture.
In 1492, from the Atlantic horizon came three ships. La Niña, La Pinta and La Santa María. Within these ships came men, both alive and dying, hopes of finding a route to India, and, unknowingly, the destruction and death of millions of Native Americans. In the shores of the Bahamas were Native Americans, with their eyes filled with curiosity and a hint of fright. Among those men in the ships was Christopher Columbus. He was a European explorer that was…

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