Amensia Essay example

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Memory plays an important role from the early stages of life until the body starts to deteriorate. Information needs to be stored in our memory in order for it to be processed and accessible when needed. The memory portion of the brain allows us to furnish our mind with emotions, knowledge and thoughts that aids in accomplishing everyday tasks. Memory contributes to the ability of recalling events, connecting one point to another, and incorporates the world of the implicit. In other words, memory has the ability to guide the mind through effortless tasks without being consciously aware. For example, a person does not need to recall every motion in riding a bike after the process is already learned. However, memory may be affected by …show more content…
One form of memory loss is anterograde amnesia. This type of amnesia is characterized by the inability to form new memories and recall new information after an event. However, information prior to the event is often not affected and intact. For instance, a person afflicted with anterograde amnesia may fail to recognize things they just saw or people they just met. In other words, new information is processed but immediately forgotten. This could suggest that new information never reaches the brain structures involved with long-term memory. The source of anterograde amnesia may be contributed to damage in certain brain structures. According to Delay and Biron (1969) and Aggleton and Brown (1999), the brain regions associated with amnesia may include “a circuit comprising the hippocampus, the diencephalon and the fibers connecting.” Again, the hippocampus is a brain structure that may be involved with recent memories. Thus, damage to this brain structure may contribute to anterograde amnesia because recent memories could be affected. For example, the study of patient H.M. significantly contributed to research on brain structures involved with anterograde amnesia and memory. H.M. suffered from epileptic seizures that interfered with his everyday life. As a treatment, he underwent

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