Amenhotep 3 Pharaoh Research Paper

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Amenhotep III- Pharaoh of Diplomacy
Ansh Tripathi For centuries, people have wondered what makes a great leader. This was seen in the 18th dynasty of ancient Egypt.The Pharaoh was diplomatic and peaceful which caused him to become the greatest leader of ancient Egypt. The people became happy and joyful because of him and were not facing misery because of wars. They celebrated festivals. In fact, there was a festival of his own that he used to celebrate every three years (approx.) at the end of his reign.
His name was Amenhotep III, it is believed he had really close relationship with Amun (The King of Gods). He was about 12 years old when he succeeded his father, Thutmose IV(Bunson) He came to the seat of Pharaoh at a young age of and
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Some of his accomplishments are: Ended a revolt in Kush(Lower Nubia); kept peace throughout the Egyptian Empire and with foreign rulers; promoted international trade; refurbished many temples and monuments throughout Egypt and the lands controlled by Egypt;built a new temple to Amun at Thebes; ordered the avenue linking Karnak and Thebes lined on both sides with huge reclining ram-headed sphinxes; built an enormous mortuary temple on the west bank at Thebes and had two colossal seated statues of himself (the so-called Colossi of Memnon) placed before the entrance; built an enormous palace at Malkata. He was more of a person that used peace and his knowledge to accomplish goals, He never was a die-heart war type person. As a conclusion, Amenhotep III has contributed to ancient Egypt in many ways. He made the Egyptian society became one of trade and exchange due to a number of foreigners traveling and visiting there. He never was cruel and was diplomatic in his reign. Amenhotep III died at the age of about 55 and was buried in a huge, rock-cut tomb prepared for him in the western branch of the Valley of the Kings.Who do you think was the greatest Pharaoh of ancient Egypt? Was his diplomacy and peacefulness like Amenhotep

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