Essay on Amending The Amendment Against Same Sex Marriage

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Back when settlers first came to the new world they were in search of religious freedom. No longer wanted to live under the rule of Great Britain, they left for the unknown. American was founded on the belief that once you become a U.S. citizen you are free. Although, the constitution was put in place to make sure that the “freedoms” do not get too out of hand. In today’s age some of these laws have restricted people from living the life that their ancestors risked their lives for. Everyone deserves the freedom to live their life happily. This is why I support the notion to amend the amendment against same sex marriage.
Amending the U.S. Constitution is not an easy process. You cannot just go to the president and say “hey the people don’t like this amendment we have to change it”. Amending the constitution is a drawn out process, because if it were that easy people could change anything they did not agree with. In article five of the constitution it tells in detail how to amend the constitution. There are two parts associated with amending the constitution. Step one is recommending that an amendment needs to be changed. If the House and the Senate both vote that the amendment needs to be changed then it will be amended. On the other hand the constitutional convention can be used by two-thirds of the State legislatures. However, the constitutional convention was never used to amend the constitution (The U.S. National Archives and Records Administrat, n.d.).
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