Amelia Earhart: The Start Of Women's Aviation

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Amelia Earhart: The Start of Women 's Aviation
Some say her plane ran out of fuel, others say she was abducted by the Japanese after her plane crashed, some people even say she was on a mission to spy on Japan. However, no one really knows what happened to Amelia Earhart and her disappearance is still a mystery today. Growing up, she never imagined the the journey of aviation she would have ahead of her and moving from city to city as a young adult in the 1920’s it was hard to find a hobby like flying, and stick with it. However, her adventurous childhood and curious nature influenced her passion for aviation, Amelia Earhart set records that people did not even think were possible, especially for women, and paved the way for future female
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Earhart 's first big flight got her into the public eye, which was the start of many more accomplishments to come. Earhart had done lots of flying and practicing on her own, but no major flights that anyone had known of (“Earhart, Amelia” 476). As Stevenson explains, Charles Lindbergh, who was a well known pilot during the 1920’s, had a manager who really wanted to gain publicity for the aviation industry. Due to Lindbergh 's manager, Earhart would be the first women to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. However, she wasn 't actually flying the plane, she was writing a flight log and was considered the copilot. Using a propeller seaplane, the flight was completed after twenty hours and forty minutes (3). From this flight she gained international attention, instantly people were looking at Amelia Earhart as the representative for women 's aviation (“Earhart, Amelia” 476). This flight got Earhart the nicknames of “First Lady of the Air” and “Lady Lindy” because of the pilot, Charles Lindbergh (Stevenson 3). As explained in “Earhart, Amelia”, this flight did big things for her career. Being a representative for women 's aviation, she was able to go around the country giving lectures to other women interested in aviation. She also had a magazine column and her own line of luggage and clothing (477). Earhart had many record setting flights such as highest altitude …show more content…
Earhart, seeing her first airplane at a young age, never imagined the impact it would have on her. Her career was filled with accomplishments setting a high standard for all following aviators. However, Earhart is still considered one of the greatest women aviators of all time and the legacy she left for the 1920’s will never be

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