Ambivalent Conquest Summary

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Under the Spanish colonial rule the relationship between Christianity and the indigenous people in the Yucatán peninsula brought on challenges between the two cultures both fighting to coexist. The Spaniards however had other plans when it came to subjugating the indigenous people and starving the land of its resources and riches. The Spaniards wanted to see the Yucatán peninsula in a vision of Spanish ideals and culture preferences forcefully passing on their Christian religion with the idea of expanding upon the Christian religion to cleanse them of their demons. With the Spaniards in the Yucatán peninsula they show guidance to the Mayan culture and bringing them into the light spiritually to cleanse them and show them the righteous religion …show more content…
The dynamic relationship is set up in this book to show how the rule of church would have a power over the indigenous people that was needed to subject and coworkers these people into falling in line under the Spanish rule. The Franciscans would stand for the basic ideals of the church and what it stood for in Spain. The Franciscans in the Spaniards left in the Yucatán peninsula made it clear after conquering this land that there must not be a rejection of the religion of Christianity among the indigenous people they must embrace it as their own religion or the release of violence among the Franciscans would show with great evidence in the peninsula against the Resistance of the indigenous people. Examples of this violence from friars would result in forms of waterboarding in the Yucatán and other means of torture two individuals that would not disregard their evil customs. 81 The Franciscans believed that this type of legislation was needed action to show the power of the Spanish church and how they needed to Reidel this frontier of pagan like warship in the Yucatán 59 Anklin sees people to submit their love and fortitude to Christianity passing it's generosity to their indigenous neighbors. The Bishop of the Yucatán peninsula's decisions was to use violence as a means to an end by leading with a swift fist and use elders and leaders of the indigenous people as examples that if they didn't change to Christianity they would suffer the ultimate

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