Essay on Ambition Of Macbeth By William Shakespeare

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Ambition can both create and destroy. Ambition is a beginning, a pressure for change. People inspired by ambition can accomplish great things. However, when tempted by their desires, people destroy themselves because ambition. In the play Macbeth written by William Shakespeare the at first nobleman Macbeth is taken over by his ambition to the point where it destroys him. At first just a soldier Macbeth is promoted to be thane after his courageous efforts in combat. Macbeth is ambitious for power and sees an opportunity to kill the king so he himself will become king. Macbeth is unsure to follow through as he knows it is wrong. When the king comes to stay at his castle Macbeth’s wife Lady Macbeth also ambitious for Macbeth to get into power and encourages him to kill the king. Macbeth ambition drives him to kill the king. This is the start of Macbeths streak of violent murders to stay in power. This ultimately drives him insane as he becomes so far fetch from reality and results in his death.

Throughout the play the theme of ambition is emphasized through the Macbeth 's rise to power and fall from power. Macbeth at first is reasonable enough to keep his ambition in check, it actually helps him get into power. However it eventually became too strong for Macbeth and therefore overpowered him. As for lady macbeth she was overcome from her ambition at the start. Her reasoning was subverted after the decision to kill Duncan was made. At that point there is no…

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