Ambiguity in Verbal and Nonverbal Messages Essay

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Purpose: After hearing this presentation my fellow students will understand how verbal and nonverbal communications can be ambiguous and how to avoid this ambiguity.
Thesis: Verbal and nonverbal communication can both be ambiguous.
A. If I walked up to you and told you that I had bad news, but was smiling and using an exited tone would you be confused. B. I know I would be, I mean who gives bad news with a smile. C. This is just one example of how both verbal and nonverbal communication can be ambiguous.
Transition: First, we will learn what ambiguity is and what clarity is.
I. What are ambiguity and clarity? A.
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A. First, the characteristics. 1. Nonverbal behavior always has communicative value. 2. Nonverbal communication is powerful. 3. Nonverbal communication is ambiguous. 4. Nonverbal communication primarily expresses attitude. 5. Nonverbal communication affects career success. B. Next the types. 1. Voice. a. The various ranges of vocal characteristics, pitch, resonance, range, and tempo to name a

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