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The Book Publishing Industry
Assessment 1: Industry Opportunity
Name: Joyce Yi
Student no: n9102434

The publishing industry is incredibly resilient and is undergoing some incredible changes. This report will analyse the industry with respect to the 4C’s of
Entertainment Marketing and identify the key opportunities that are currently evident within the publishing industry and thus devise two potential ideas for future development and implementations. Research has found that indie publishers and authors are taking up a huge portion of the market and therefore more beneficial for these professionals to create digital content and distribute it independently. As publishers are not educated in IT and
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These include categories such as romance, sci-fi and fantasy that have shown to be popular with eBook readers
(McMillan, 2015). Thus, a more effective strategy for major publishing companies is to handpick the indie authors rising to success and accelerate their careers into bestsellers as seen with EL James and her widely successful “Fifty Shades of Grey” franchise. The future of publishing may rest in the “hybrid” author who signs printonly publishing deals whilst remaining in control of their content rights (O’Leary,

1.2 The Hitchhikers guide to “Commons Creation” (Conduit &
More and more people are engaging in “commons creation” where strangers can collaborate and discuss ideas, vend products or exchange services, and network in virtual spaces such as Craigslist and eBay (Vondeling, 2013). These platforms are increasing in popularity as it provides real value and often revenue as well. The use

of Digital Personal Assistant Networks has also dramatically risen such as
TaskRabbit and Amazon’s ACX (Audio Creation Exchange), an online platform that allows independent narrators connect with authors or publishers that want to create audiobooks (Audible, 2015; Boog, 2013). As content creators continue to experiment with a portfolio career more of them are turning to various freelance and task-based work alternatives, these platforms are providing real value as they are leveraged with

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