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Though during the period of 2007, Amazon witnessed certain changes in its existing strategies. From being an online book store to a market place, Amazon now ventured into creating a physical product called kindle. This electronic wireless reading device was unveiled in the final quarter of 2007 and served as a value add for customers which was easily usable. Kindle was more of a personalized store which in 2008 went on to being the top selling product. Amazon did not keep its innovations as a redundant capability instead it kept on continuously upgrading its inventions to keep up its distinctiveness. 2008 saw the partnerships being formed to fuel its resources.

Further in 2009, kindle 2 was launched with special features which showed their dynamic capability to renew and recreate its strategic capability to meet the needs of changing environment.

Amazon web services was yet another invention released between 2007 and 2009. Amazon’s EC2 was regarded most popular and commercialized than its competitors which brings rarity to its offerings. Even though cloud computing was a much available software, Amazon came up with advancements which made it difficult for competitors to produce similar advancements and tools. Continuous releases followed there after such as Amazon’s elastic block store, cloud front, etc. Amazon teamed up with
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