Amazon 's Report On Amazon Essay

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Amazon Who is the audience for each section of the report?
The audience for Amazon’s report are people interested in investing, future shareholders, and people that are interested in learning about Amazon and their services. This is the intended audience because Amazon’s report has financial statements, a letter to shareholders, and information about the company and amazon’s services. There is also Amazon’s 10-K to show financials to shareholders and future investors. Then there is information about the company and the heads of the company. Last, there is information about their success and future risks.
What is the purpose for each section?
The letter to the purpose of the letter to shareholders is intended to introduce Amazon to their shareholders and future shareholders. The letter to shareholders also includes sections about their different services they provide. Amazon also includes the original letter to shareholders in 1997, this seems to show how Amazon has and has not changed. Then, the 10-K is to display stock information. The information about the heads of Amazon is for those wanting to know who is leading the company. Last, the information about their success and future risks is to inform the reader that there is risk, however, Amazon also has had a lot of success.
Is the audience and purpose the same for the entire report or are there multiple audiences? Give examples to support…

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