Amazon Strategy

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1. Today’s technology is constantly on the rise as newer, more useful technology is created on a daily basis. The company is always ahead of the competition and has even spread out into the realm of majorly competing with Apple and Google; making sure they are viewing each valuable aspect in the industry. Amazons’ main investment in themselves is the newest technology and data analytics (Thomson, 2012). It is this focus that allows Amazon to operate differently than their competitors (Thomson, 2012). succeeded while other Internet companies failed because though it is an online retailer, Amazon has a strong arm on brand awareness and are devoted to consumers through Internet technology that tracks the users’ information and search
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But when consumers use the website, their searching habits, things they’ve put in their cart and then saved for later, bought, or deleted. Amazon can track this information so that they can promote particular items to the individual user. Personally, I have been searching for wedding items as I am getting married in the fall of this year. I have noticed that on web sites that I visit, items that are either sitting in my cart, or items I’ve viewed previously but never bought, appear in pop up ads on several of them. This is a major advancement in brand awareness. Another reason Amazon has been so successful is that they are ahead of their time. They know what’s coming out when and are above the rest in predicting upcoming trends. They were first to realize that e-commerce would eventually go mobile and this is when they came up with the Kindle and then Kindle Fire (Matthews, 2012). If Amazon wanted to stay in the game they had to produce tablets to keep up with …show more content…
China then took action and canceled the export licenses of two Chinese factories that were directly associated with the recall (TIMELINE: Key dates in China 's August toy recalls, 2007). If it wasn’t bad enough that they recalled that many at first, the numbers continued to grow. The following week Mattel announced that they were yet again making another recall, this time 18 million toys due to the magnets that could potentially separate from the toys and be ingested by young children causing sever intestinal damage (Gammon, 2007). The week after that another devastating blow as the China Labor Watch reported that there were labor violations and inconceivable working conditions in the Chinese factories (TIMELINE: Key dates in China 's August toy recalls, 2007). At first, Mattel was placing the blame on the Chinese factories stating that they were subcontracting the painting of toys to a company that was using paint that was not authorized by Mattel (Trouble in Toyland: New Challenges for Mattel - and 'Made in China ', 2007). Finally, CEO at the time, Robert Eckert, made an apology about all of the mishaps and ensured consumers that the company was taking drastic measures to ensure product safety in

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