Essay on Amazon Is The Big Amount Of Online Books

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Ziyi chen
Now, Amazon is one of the most famous e-commerce retailers in the United States. In Figure 1, from 2004 to 2015, the net revenue of Amazon is consistently increasing every year and have earned $107.01 billion in 2015. We could observe that the speed of development is getting quicker in recent 5 years. The rapid growth rate of Amazon should be associated closely with its customers. From the other data shows, the number

of active customer accounts also developed sharply between 1997 to 2015. Amazon only had 1.5 million customers in 1997, but it increased to 304 million in 2015 (Statistas, 2016). Amazon started out predominantly a retailer for online book store and has added many products such as mobile capabilities in recent 20 years. It is still famous as the big amount of online books. The average number of books to be added into Amazon website per hour is 12 units, and the estimated numbers of books available on Amazon is 3.4 million (Smith, 2016). The timely updating rate of books and large resources base attracts new customers who could not find specific books in local stores or other retailing websites. The good reputation of Amazon also keeps customers loyalty. The stable increasing rate of newly customers may bring much more profits for Amazon. There still exists many weaknesses and strengths of Amazon operation. In the following part, I point out 3 strengths of Amazon. Firstly, developing as an online book retailer, Amazon has extended their product…

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