Amazon Evolution Essay

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Amazon Evolution Paper

Amazon .com is one of the largest online retailers. In recent years, Amazon has shown its intention to broaden its core competency to become a more diverse online retailer by adding computing and storage services to its product base. In this paper the team will address whether Amazon’s strategy is a good one. The team will also describe how Amazon uses each component of a database, review the data management issues encountered by Amazon, share how Amazon addresses the relationship between data, information, and knowledge and lastly, describe how Amazon uses both e-business and e-Commerce for B2B and B2C.

The components of a database and how Amazon uses each.

Databases are comprised of four
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This ensures that the items purchased will be paid for.

Queries are a way to request “information from a table”. When a query is run, “a selected set of records, called the record set, appears” (Mickey, 2005). The record set could be edited or printed. A structured query language (SQL) “is the most popular query language used to request information. The structured query language will allow people to perform complicated searches by using relatively simple statements or keywords” (Rainier, 2008). Amazon uses a query for customers to search products on their website. After searching for the product, the customer can purchase it. The final component of the database is known as the report. The report prints out data, such as “lists and mailing labels as well as database reports. Reports can also perform math and calculate summaries” (Mickey, 2005). Amazon uses reports for their checkout. During checkout, the total of the products with shipping is calculated, and a copy of the receipt of purchase could be printed out. In addition, Amazon also has a report on wish list and previous purchases made, that can also be printed out for records.

Data management issues Amazon may encounter.

With Amazon providing services to numerous companies such as computing and data storage, Amazon is most likely going to experience data management issues. Issues which may occur with managing vast amounts of data include maintaining old data, storing different types of

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