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A summary of Amazon’s business strategy and revenue model
I’ve used Amazon in my books for over 10 years now since many companies, from startups and small businesses to large international businesses, can learn from their focus on the customer and the approach of using technology and analysis to improve results. It consistently outperforms other companies in its ACSI customer satisfaction rating too.
I aim to keep the case study up-to-date for readers of the books and Smart Insights readers who may be interested. In it we look at Amazon’s background, revenue model and sources for the latest business results.
I recommend anyone studying Amazon checks the latest Amazon revenue and business strategies from their SEC filings / Investor
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Further Amazon case information
This case study created by FaberNovel “ The Hidden Empire” one of five “Most Favorited” slideshows and one of the five “Most Popular Technology Presentations” of 2011. Recommended:
Amazon Case Study Context
Why a case study on Amazon? Surely everyone knows about who Amazon are and what they do? Yes, well that’s maybe true, but this case goes beyond the surface to review some of the ‘insider secrets’ of Amazon’s success.
Like eBay, was born in 1995. The name reflected the vision of Jeff Bezos, to produce a large scale phenomenon like the Amazon river. This ambition has proved justified since just 8 years later, Amazon passed the $5 billion sales mark – it took Wal-Mart 20 years to achieve this.
By 2008 Amazon was a global brand with other 76 million active customers accounts and order fulfillment to more than 200 countries. Despite this volume of sales, at December 31, 2007 Amazon employed approximately 17,000 full-time and part-time employees.
In September 2007, it launched Amazon MP3, a la carte DRM-free MP3 music downloads, which now includes over 3.1 million songs from more than 270,000 artists.
Amazon Vision & strategy
In their 2008 SEC filing, Amazon describe the vision of their business as to:
“Relentlessly focus on customer experience by offering our customers low prices,

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