Interrelationship Between OBHRM And Supply Chain Issues

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Interrelationships between OBHRM and Supply Chain Issues
From the above issues, both organizational behavior and supply chain issues are interrelated. It is essential to note that employees are the main reasons for the success of amazon and they contribute to the overall performance of the company. However, the issues within and around it might hold it captive against achieving greater success. For instance, putting a lot of pressure on employees leaves them unhappy at work. They cannot concentrate on certain crucial issues such as identifying counterfeit products. These products are made similar to that of the original company, and therefore it is hard to differentiate, and this requires sound mind and time to denote the differences products.
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& University of Toronto, 2009, p. 11). It further asserts in its new edition that a leader must depict a behavior that complements the abilities of their subordinates as well as compensating for their deficiencies. Utilization of path-goal leadership model is critical to leadership in organizations. Amazon seems to bypass the path-goal model and develop its very own model where it emphasizes on unrealistic projections and unattainable objectives. In due process, it takes a toll on the workforce and consequently impacting the organization. For instance, the company does not identify the strengths of the employees but rather formulates objectives for itself and gives the demands to the employees and required them to fulfil. However, very few tend to fulfil such goals. As a result, the company needs to understand the potential of the employees are halt its current command and demand model and embrace cooperation with the amazon workforce (Shackleton, 2005, p. …show more content…
Through this, Amazon can create a vision for guiding through the changes set and inspiring the workforce while executing a new strategy. Despite Amazon utilizing such a model, it does not uphold it to the latter. It is rather marred with unprofessional communication technics which might ultimately interfere with the process. This form of leadership seeks to enhance motivation and effectiveness of operations in an organization. However, Amazon does not witness such a positive change instead its employees are faced with stress and pressure at work. Therefore, Amazon Inc. needs to reformulate its leadership strategies with great urgency to cater for the needs of the employees. Employees are essential to the success of any organization and therefore need to be motivated and made involved in decisions making and ultimately contribute towards dealing with their amazon current issues (Khurana, & Nohria, 2010, p.

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