Essay on Amazon : A Pioneer Of Online Based Business

713 Words Nov 23rd, 2015 3 Pages
Amazon has been a pioneer in online based business starting with its book store and e- learning platforms since 1995 when it was started. Amazon has offered a platform where online sellers can offer their products mostly books for sale easily to clients and even providing delivery services to make the service more clients friendly. Recently, November 2007, Amazon launched its kindle service which allows clients to access electronic books. The Kindle service though meeting resistance at first due to its looks is nowadays sold out as one of the favorite consumer electronic device. Amazon has also diversified to offer other services such as music downloads, sale of furniture, food and consumer electronics.
In the manufacturing process, it is very important for the manufacturer to carry out extensive research to identify the market’s needs and expectations to help them tailor their product accordingly. Amazon with its launch of Kindle, a device which allows the user to read e books and other electronic materials, has continuously sought to better the product to appeal to the market and also fulfill the market’s needs. The Kindle is beautifully designed, contains innovative structures and also appealing to the eye. On the service front it is important that clients are provided with quality services in this case, the Kindle should be able to read any electronic material and also have speed in downloading. Other services include features that make it easy for persons of all ages to…

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