Essay on Amanda Brown 's Lack Of Enthusiasm

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For the current case study, I’m going to examine a fourteen-year-old girl named Amanda Brown. Amanda’s mother has referred her for concerns regarding Amanda’s “lack of enthusiasm” for school. In order to gain a full understanding of Amanda’s psychopathology to conclude on the services best suited for her needs to achieve in school. Furthering our information by considering the factors that are affecting Amanda’s life such as; family, friends, SES, home life, cultural identity, risk and protective factors and Amanda’s academic and cognitive skills need to be assessed. In regards to Amanda’s life experiences and the factors that are influencing her life as a student analyze her family, school, home, SES, and social groups are important in gathering more data. From the information given it seems that Amanda’s has a supportive mother who is concerned about her daughters’ wellbeing. The father doesn’t seem to be active in the care for his daughter outside the home, and the siblings were not mentioned during any aspect of the interview or case study. Amanda’s school life has been less than ideal with her not performing well academically. Teachers from her grade school were concerned about her ability to academic abilities, time-management skills, and attention span. Amanda has received some extra assistance in school such as a buddy and better seating, however these accommodations did not last. Moreover, Amanda has been bullied throughout her time in public school and her parents…

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