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Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive condition that occurs in the brain, begging in the hippocampus and continuing damage to the cerebrum, which effects the memory, thought and behavior of an induvial. Alzheimer’s is a form of dementia. Dementia is not a specific disease, rather a general condition that describes an impairment of normal mental functions, such as that of memory loss that impedes normal day to day life. Approximately 60-80% of individuals experiencing dementia are victims of Alzheimer’s. (Alzheimer 's Disease & Dementia)
Alzheimer’s is not a normal process of the aging of the brain and has no clear cause. A properly functioning brain contains countless nerve cells that operate in conjunction to keep the brain processing and provided
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It begins with some memory loss, difficulty recalling recent events, and confusion. Unfortunately, Alzheimer’s is a progressive cognitive disease that continues to worsen by more severely affecting the memory, speech, behavior, inability to learn new things, respond to their environment, bladder control, and recognize family and friends. The patients loose sense of time and space, ability to walk and it becomes hard for them to recognize that they have an issue, such that of needing to use the restroom or the sensation that they are hungry. When the family begins to recognize the symptoms of the disease, it has already been detreating the brain for a period of time. Due to the declining health conditions and inability to perform daily tasks, such as brushing their teeth, affected individuals require extensive care and are usually placed into care facilities where they can receive around the clock attention from caregivers (Alzheimer 's Disease & Dementia). It becomes incredibly hard for family to see their loved one no longer capable of the things they once were, but become significantly worse for them to comprehend that their loved one does not know who they are. Even though the family does not want to accept the memory loss of their loved one, it is easier for the patient if the family follows the time period the individual is in, allowing the patient not to become stressed and confused …show more content…
Even though we have gained 90% of our knowledge throughout the last 15 years, the best development there has been is a medication that temporarily helps the symptoms of the disease and slows the deterioration process (Alzheimer 's Disease & Dementia). Scientists continue to look into possible treatments, such as the use of the essential oil of Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary), which has been connected to memory for many years, to inhibit the formation of tangles by preventing the phosphorylation of the tau proteins. They have discovered that rosemary in combination with Bacopa monnieri extract have proven, together, to be a more effective neuroprotective agent in Alzheimer’s. There has also been interest in aromatherapy as a method of improving cognitive thought. Aromatherapy of Rosemary is also believed to improve cognitive function in those particularly in those with Alzheimer’s. Many other methods are also being exploited, but these are of particular interest

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