A Psychological Analysis Of Alzheimer's Disease

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Alzheimer’s disease is a psychological disorder that is near and dear to my heart. I worked in an Alzheimer’s and dementia facility for almost a year and a half. While working there I grew very close to a lot of the residents that I cared for. One specifically stood out to me. Even though Alzheimer’s had taken so much from her, she was still so loving and pure.
This resident was always walking around holding a baby; it was one of the very few words she could still say. The few words she could still say were; baby, honey, and her daughters name, which she would call us all by. She was always coming up and giving us hugs and kisses on the cheek. She loved children, we would always have family members bring up their children because it would
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This disease caused abnormal deposits of proteins from amyloid plaques and tau tangles on both the inside and outside neurons while damage dendritic spines, decrease synaptic input and decrease plasticity. As the plaques accumulates the damages spreads to the cerebral cortex and hippocampus, which is responsible for forming memories. As the neurons die in large numbers the affected regions of the brain begin to shrink (Biological). Alzheimer’s can also be inherited. If your mother or father had Alzheimer’s it is more than likely that you have the apolipoprotein E and are more susceptible to getting late onset Alzheimer’s as well. Unfortunately the only way to know for certain if someone has Alzheimer’s or not is to do an autopsy once they are deceased and look at their brain for the protein …show more content…
Although there is no cure for this disease there are ways to help slow it down, and different treatments to help the patients as their mental health declines. After working with thirty plus patients with Alzheimer’s I have learned that not all patients are alike, although it is the same disease people act differently. I had to remind myself day in and day out that although I would get frustrated having repeated myself five or more times, its not their fault and I need to be patient. My resident was one who always tried to make everyone’s day better, even though she didn’t remember our names I know she will always remember how we cared for

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