Alzheimer 's Is Like Mental Cancer Essay

1193 Words Nov 2nd, 2015 5 Pages
Alzheimer’s is like mental cancer. It eats away inside you stealthily, slowly destroying your love one before anyone knows it is even there. It oozes in like a gas vapor consuming thoughts, memory, and personality like real cancer takes your bodily organs. In the early stages it is hard to tell where personal aberrations end, and Alzheimer’s begins, but in the end one looks for anything untouched by the illness. One of the frightening things about Alzheimer’s is how the first signs of the disease make their appearance in the most benign and normal events. Things we might laugh at as silly mistakes are really signs of something much worse than we imagine. When Alzheimer’s occurs where there is no family history, people look back at events that were warning signs, and shake their heads, thinking, “If only we had known what that meant.” In families where Alzheimer’s has left a mark down through the generations there can develop an almost wonmania of examining family and self as every little mistake and personality quirk is put to the question of “Is that Alzheimer’s?” What are natural huwonman failures, and what are grim portents of a terrible future fast approaching? The question becomes fraught with weight. For family, the sentence of disease is a sentence to watching as someone you love is lost to grinding humiliation and helplessness. For the victim, it is going mad, and knowing it. It is pain—a mental and emotional pain like any physical torment as what you have is torn…

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