Essay about Alzheimer 's Disease : The Stages Of The Disease

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This paper is going to be about Alzheimer’s disease, the stages of the disease, the medications that are prescribed to help with cognitive impairment from the disease, as well as what researchers have found as a possible cure for Alzheimer 's. Alzheimer’s disease is classified in the DSM-V as a neurocognitive disorder. Neurocognitive disorders (NCD) are “those in which impaired cognition has not been present at birth or very early life, and thus represents a decline from a previously attained level of functioning” (American Psychiatric Association). Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive degenerative disorder, characterized by memory loss, confusion, and a variety of cognitive disabilities (Khachaturian, 1097). One in every nine Americans will be diagnosed with Alzheimer 's disease (Alzheimer 's Association, 2016). There are three general stages of Alzheimer’s disease, the mild stage, the moderate stage, and the severe stage. The early stage of Alzheimer’s disease is a stage that can be commonly mistaken as a normal part of the aging process. As time progresses so does the disease. It starts off in the mild stage, which is when a person may have difficulty recalling information that was freshly presented to them such as a name, or a phone number. In this stage, people will also misplace common items that they need for daily life such as their keys, or forget where something belongs in their house. The middle stage is when a person has moderate Alzheimer’s and is often the…

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