Alzheimer 's Disease : A Doctors Secret Essay

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Part 3: Alzheimer’s Disease: A Doctors Secret Have you ever thought about how you will die, or what diseases you will get diagnosed with in you older age? Alzheimer’s disease is a “forgotten" thing in the younger generations, but its more present than we think. Many people 65 years and older have the disease without even knowing it until incidents like backing up out of the garage with the door still down, or falling asleep at the wheel, happen and they become utterly confused. So, is it wrong for doctors to not be telling their patients that they have the disease? Alzheimer 's Disease is the most common form of dementia (Slomski 1). Memory deteriorates, language functions are lost (Norrogard 31) as brain cells break down (Slomski), and erratic behaviors begin. It is usually found in people over the age of 65 (World of Health 2) and they struggle being able to carry out daily activities. Feelings like self-esteem loss and self-blame are most very present, as well as anxiety and depression. The Cerebrum, which is where Alzheimer’s is found, is composed of neurons. There are more than a 100 million neurons found in the brain and daily, they shrink and many die (Rabins 32). The neuron of a normal cell, doesn’t have breaking down of nerve endings (Gale Science 26) like an Alzheimer 's patients brain. Many brain functions are lost (Norrogard), including ability to recognize people and certain things that have been familiar to them their entire life. Another specific thing…

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