Alzheimer 's A Emotional Day Essay

1412 Words Oct 13th, 2016 6 Pages
The day I received the news of my grandma being diagnosed Alzheimer’s was a emotional day. I didn’t have time to take in what was going on and I felt speechless. The news was thrown at me like it was nothing and after that it was all business. I was told that I would be taking a break working at our family restaurant and spending some time at my grandmother’s along with my cousin. At first I was a little confused because I thought to myself that I always spend my time there with her. But when my aunt mentioned being paid, I knew exactly what she was talking about. At first I didn 't know how to feel about basically becoming a caregiver for my own grandmother, I don’t think she knew how to feel about it either. The fact that I was being paid to stay with my grandmother was also strange. My mother was very much against the idea of me spending my days and nights at my grandma’s babysitting her. She thought that my aunt should just hire real caretakers and not sixteen year-old children. I felt as if I didn’t really have a say of whether or not I agreed to stay with her. Saying no to help my sick grandmother felt wrong, so I agreed and the next day I was learning the basics of how to live with my grandma. My aunt had been living there for around a month before she hired us, so she showed us around the house. I was so surprised at all the little things that had to be done in order to keep my grandma from getting upset like keeping a certain light on in the hallway.…

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