Alzheimer 's A Common Memory Disease Essay

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Alzheimer’s is a common memory disease that affects many people in the United States. An estimate of “5.3 million people in the United states have Alzheimer’s disease.” (Latest Alzheimer 's Facts and Figures. (2013, September 17). Retrieved October 11, 2015.) Out of this number of people, “5.1 million with the disease are 65 and over.” (Latest Alzheimer 's Facts and Figures. 2013, September 17. Retrieved October 11, 2015.) In the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s an individual will experience confusion and will easily forget things. In the later stages of this disease, an individual’s memory, speech and language are greatly impacted. Through each stage an individual’s memory, ability to make decisions, performing everyday tasks, language, and voluntary movements slowly degenerate. Eventually, the individual’s involuntary functions (heart rate, breathing) will degenerate and the individual will eventually die. In the HBO film, The Alzheimer’s Project: The Memory Loss Tapes, HBO producers look into seven different people at different stages living with the disease.
Before watching the film, I knew that Alzheimer’s disease was an important issue in the field of neurodegenerative diseases. Since the disease has no cure and cannot be slowed down, many people living with the disease suffer greatly. While watching the film, I felt heavy-hearted for the people going through the disease and their family members supporting them through the disease. Watching the individuals with the…

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