Alzheimer’s Essay

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Report: Alzheimer’s Student: Marilyn A. Dobbins-Del Real MOD: A MA-2.0 –Computer Lab Teacher: Mr. Wilson

Understanding Alzheimer's Disease

With all of the advanced technology that the medical field possesses today, there is still suffering that occurs from incurable diseases. Alzheimer's Disease is one of those incurable diseases that take the lives of many today. This paper will examine
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For example, the persons might forget to take his or hers daily medicine. Also during this stage mild personality changes may occur, along with withdrawal from social interaction. The person will also experience memory loss that could affect their job, and the often misplacing of things. As the disease progresses the person will begin to have problems with abstract thinking and intellectual functioning, and they will become agitated, irritable, and quarrelsome.
Considered to be in the later stages of the disease are symptoms such as disorientation and confusion of what month and even year it is, as well as the person not knowing where he or she lives. The forgetting of the names of close relatives or even their own names, becoming violent, wandering off, not being able to engage in a conversation, having erratic moods and behaviors, and loss of bladder control are among the many symptoms an Alzheimer's patient suffers in the later part of the disease. In extreme cases the patient becomes totally incapable of caring for themselves. Not being able to walk, talk, or eat (Robinson, 1999).
Even with such a long list of symptoms the diagnosis of Alzheimer's is very complex. In most cases a person must go to see several different specialist, undergo many extensive test, and the result might take several months to receive. The first thing doctors do is obtain a medical history on the patient. This is

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