Always End On A Good Note Essay

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Always end on a good note. What I mean by this is always make the best of every moment you have with someone because that could very well be the last time you see them. Most people including myself don’t realize that tragic things can happen at any moment, at any time of day, and they can happen when you’re least expecting it. Ever since my family’s scary situation, I’ve learned to always say “see ya” and to say, “I love you”.
Last winter, my family faced a horrible near death experience that no families should ever go through. My dad started to have chest and heart pains while he was driving himself back from his friends house. He went to his friend Garry’s, to play their guitars together. I didn’t know he left, so I never got a chance to say goodbye. During the time he was at Garry’s, I was over at one of my best friends house, who is actually my neighbor. His parents called me up to talk to me in a frightened tone. They softly told me, “Your mom left to meet your dad in the hospital. She believes he has had a heart attack while driving.” I tried my absolute best not to burst out into tears. Around 10 minutes later they got another phone call from my mom asking them if they would bring my sister and I to the hospital because he was in surgery due to a heart attack.
My older sister, Kaylie, tried her best to stay strong for me. She comforted me and told me “everything is going to be alright.” On the way to the hospital, all I could think about were the worst possible…

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