Standardized Testing Pros And Cons Essay

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When students think about applying to college the first thing that comes to mind is the SAT; and how they are going to prepare. Many question if there should be alternatives for standardized testing that could outweigh the benefits of the SAT? Right now this is a controversial problem it affect people all over the country when they are applying to a colleges of there choice. This issue is relevant because today there are schools that are putting aside the SAT and using other alternatives to measures your acceptance. Students are the most that get affected by the SAT , but so do colleges because if each year people do worse on the SAT then less will apply because they believe they have no chance of getting in. There are a couple of alternative for standardized testing and SAT. Performance Based Assessments is one of them. What a Performance Bases Assessments is (it goes beyond measuring students acquisitions of knowledge; what they demand is more then memorization of rules or facts or “good testing strategies”) states “Inside Higher Education”. What there are stating is you are given the opportunity to interact with teachers from the college and be able to evaluate the student in different categories not just (reading, writing, and math) like in the SAT. There …show more content…
A portfolio allows college admission to look at your best work. An Example is “Hampshire College” it is a liberal arts school in Massachusetts. Instead of the SAT they rely on portfolios. A portfolio has many parts in “” is stated that (portfolios are suppose to give the ability to present themselves, in such as essay and interview, also allows them to review recommendation from mentors and find out how much you have engaged in their community.) In “” they state (Hampshire college is one of the top colleges in the nation in term of the proportion of its graduates who go on to graduate

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