Alternatives For Medication For Adhd Treatment Essay

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Alternatives to Medication for ADHD Treatment
ADHD is a neurological disorder that develops in childhood. Healthcare professionals estimate over 5 percent of children have some form of ADHD. Some symptoms of ADHD consist of distractibility, extreme impulsiveness, hyperactivity, a lack of organization skills and forgetfulness. When diagnosed with this disease at an early age, parents know how to better help their child with accommodations they may need in the future. When parents overlook these warning signs and wait until later in life to seek professional help, these behaviors become more difficult to remediate. Oftentimes, schoolwork and peer relationships have already begun to suffer. Parents then begin to take drastic means to help their children and settle with medication as a solution. However, medication is not the only option for these children. There are studies being conducted that prove to parents that they have other options. Evidence gathered from many studies suggests that not medicating children is the best option due to the difficulty in making a proper diagnosis, the unknown long-term affects of medication on a developing brain, and the fact that safer options are available to parents.
In recent years, the rising number of children that are being diagnosed with ADHD are significantly at an all time high leading many to wonder if the diagnosis is correct. In a Washington Post article, The American Psychiatric Association states, “there is no doubt…

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