Non-Traditional Work Practices

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1.1. Pathnadabutr (2014) explains the concept of alternative workplaces as a strategy that divides a space based on activities among interruptible and uninterruptible work and work that requires collaboration. The concept limits private offices because it prefers an open plan layout with natural light. While Grobler et al (2012:12) describes the concept as “a combination of non-traditional work practices, settings and locations that is beginning to supplement traditional offices.”
There are different approaches in which Deloitte & Touche can use to improve employee commitment. According to Apgar IV these are:
• Placing workers on different shifts or travel schedules.
• Replacing traditional offices with open plan space.
• Implementing
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• The implementation of the balanced scorecard is done by making articles on the topic and providing it to staff, staff attending information sessions, proper communication between staff, linkage of employees’ pay to performance, and by holding the review of the results of the balanced scorecard within 60 days.(Grobler et al,2012)

The HR Scorecard
• Nicholas Higgins (no date) says that traditionally the HR functions have struggled with appropriate measures to measure their value. The HR scorecard is trying to address this point. The HR scorecard takes the majority of its concept from the Balanced Scorecard. Grobler et al (2012) says it answers the question of how best to integrate human resources’ role into the company’s measurement of business performance.
• The benefits of the HR Scorecard are Grobler et al (2012): o It strengthens the difference between HR doables and HR deliverables. o It permits control of costs and establishment of value. o It measures leading indicators. o It assesses HR’s contribution to strategy implementation and, eventually to the bottom

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