Essay on Alternative Therapies For Starting A New Therapy

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As taboo as some alternative therapies can be, many patients began them because of a recommendation. Using the word of mouth is a popular way people learn about therapies. Friends and families play a big role during a dying person’s health by helping make decisions, being a caretaker, and suggesting new ways to improve the patients overall well-being. This may mean helping them look into therapies that have seemed to work for them in the past. Another popular reason for starting a new therapy is a recommendation from the doctor. This is usually a side option for the patient to reduce the side effects they are feeling from treatments or starting supplements to take to keep their health in check. “A total of 2,764 participants, representing 25 million older Americans, said they used CAM because a health care provider recommended it. A total of 2,209 participants, representing 20.2 million older adults, said they used CAM because family, friends, or coworkers recommended it” (Tait, et al., 2013, pg. 689). Alternative therapies are on the rise in America but there are also some factors that hold many people back from starting this new wave to health. Some of the reasons previously named for why people do alternative therapies is also why some people do not. Cost being the main one. Forgoing medical treatments can save people thousands of dollars and give them room to focus on spending that money on alternative therapies. This factor may depend on their insurance. That being…

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