Essay Alternative Parenting Plans For Corporal Punishment

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Alternative Parenting Plans to Corporal Punishment
According to the U.S. Advisory Board on child abuse and neglect, four children die each day due to abuse or neglect (Dolan 12). Congress passed the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act, which was signed into law by president Richard Nixon in January 1974 (Batts). Disciplining a child can be very difficult but here are some easy steps. Parental counseling can be a great way to help other to also use stress methods. In addition, limiting the amount of the child 's privileges and by applying curfews. Mistreatment of children has existed throughout history and in almost all cultures. Parenting plans are excellent for reducing violence for children in homes because it gives parents new methods of punishing the children without beating, it allows parents to control their anger more, and it reduces children 's mistreatment in general.
Reducing the violence against children consists of various steps, which includes joining a parental counseling class. Parental counseling is a way for parents to understand their mistakes and gain a deeper understanding of themselves. This is going to help them on how to control their behavior against one 's child when he or she does something wrong or deserves punishment without the need of violence. Guidance and counseling methods can be used more effectively with older children. In these situations, call on a private relative if necessary, one with whom the child really has an abundance of…

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