Alternative Methods For Children With Adhd Essay

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Alternative Methods for Children with ADHD Do you think medications are the only solution for children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder)? ADHD affects a child 's mind and activity by making the child experience hyperactive behavior and attention problems mostly effected in a school environment. In my opinion, children should not take medication on a daily schedule and seek alternative methods. Over the years, parents have increasingly chosen alternative methods over traditional medications such as, Ritalin, Adderall, and etc. Alternative methods such as dietary interventions and therapies are better for children with ADHD than traditional medications. “According to Old and New Controversies...”, children are behaviorally sensitive to the effects of certain foods or food components, and decreasing the child 's exposure to these food substances will improve behavioral symptoms. Fatty acid supplementation can cause depression, hyperactivity, and worsen behavior in children with ADHD. In the past century, there were three dietary interventions, Feingold diet, Oligoantigenic diet, and Sugar Elimination diet, mostly commonly used for children with ADHD. Feingold diet is a diet with no artificial colors or flavors and keeps the child 's heart rate down. Studies show that the Feingold diet focused on children with hyperactivity and have used behavior ratings (Rojas and Chan). Even if the diet can improve hyperactivity, it is not an effective treatment only. Scientists say…

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