Alternative Medicine For The United States Essay

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In at least one point in life, when people contract an illness, a hot tea or soup was made to help alleviate the illness, or to eat when you could not eat regular solids. This routine can be an everyday example of alternative medicine and how it can affect society in progressing on without regular pharmaceutical remedies. Due to the freedom that America brings, people are free to do whatever they want, within some restrictions. One of the many ways that America allows it’s people to do within those restrictions is study medicine that helps the people get better in their overall health. In relation to the American Dream, the field of alternative medicine will continue to mature and further mystify people on how it works, but will continue to be very effective, if not better than what it is now. Although treatment via scientific methods have proven themselves to be trustworthy and effective, alternative medicine, in some cases, can be shown to be just as effective, if not better than most pharmaceutical remedies.
Alternative medicine has been receiving further and further positive publicity as this form of medicine has been progressing throughout the years. Americans are using more and more alternative medications varying from therapies and alternate medications such as vitamins and oils. According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, just about forty percent of Americans use approaches to their problems that is usually outside of Western,…

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