Alternative Energy Essay

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BIOL 101
Alternative Energy
Solar and wind power


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This paper will review solar and wind energy as the alternative energy sources to replace fossil fuels and nuclear energy. Solar and wind energy has experienced phenomenal growth in recent years due to both technological improvements resulting in cost reductions and government policies supportive of renewable energy development and utilization. Fossils fuels and nuclear energy have been the world’s main source of energy for
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The use of fossil fuels and nuclear energy have increased environmental pollution, the release of greenhouse gases, ozone layer depletion, acid rains, and global warming so other alternatives are in desperate need. Crude oil forms 35% of the global energy consumption. (ccsenet, 2011) The limited reserves of fossil fuel and its depletion are issues of concern due to the increase in demand as a result of developing economies and transportation demands. Over the past few decades alternative energy technology has grown significantly hopefully to make fossil fuel usage the thing of the past. This paper will focus on research gathered by TELKOMNIKA case study and to see if these alternative sources are effective and safe choices. Also, which new energy source will society depend on the most and why?
Research Method
In the present study the obtained results were analyzed and compared with other research to check with their conformity. The majority of vital aspects of this research were obtained from one case study of a power plant. The power generation and performance data of this power plant was recorded over the period of 195 days i.e. from June 2009 to January 2010. (Aruna, 2011)Additional readings were also recorded on this case study, as and when required, for the analysis purpose. Alternative energy

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