Essay on Alternative Energy Sources For Global Warming

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Global warming is one of the biggest threats in the future to the planet we live on. We are starting to see the effects of global warming around us today, but it is nothing compared to what is to come if we don’t start taking care of the planet now. According to alternative energy organization, the world produces carbon dioxide that is release to the earth’s atmosphere everyday. The carbon dioxide that is released increases the warmth of our planet which is causing “Global Warming” (

How do we prevent global warming, but still produce energy? One answer is to replace the technologies that are releasing carbon dioxide with alternatives that do not release carbon dioxide ( We call this process alternative energy sources or renewable resources ( According to Alternative Energy Organization, Alternative energy sources have no undesired consequences on the planet, unlike fossil fuels do. Alternative energy sources are renewable and are thought to be “free” energy sources ( According to British Petroleum and Royal Dutch Shell, two of the world largest oil companies, by 2050, one third of the world’s energy will need to come from alternative energy sources ( These alternative energy sources consist of nuclear energy, solar energy, wind energy, and hydroelectric energy.

According to Kid Wind project organization, the reason these alternative energy sources are know as renewable sources because it is…

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