Alternative Energy Sources Capable Of Alleviating Fossil Fuel Dependencies

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Are Alternate Energy Sources Capable of Alleviating Fossil Fuel Dependencies?
The dependency on fossil fuels has turned into a global economic issue. Nearly everything a consumer purchases one way or another the cost of that product has been impacted by fossil fuels and its by-products (e.g. crude oil, coal, diesel oil, kerosine, gasoline, and plastics). Alternative energy sources (e.g., biomass, bio-fuel, geothermal energy, natural gases, hydrogen fuel, hydro-electric power, nuclear power, wind, solar energy, and tidal currents) are not only able to reduce the impact fossil fuels have on everything but reduce the dependency of fossil fuels. In the proper combination the use of alternative energy sources should be considered a viable solution to alleviate the dependency on fossil fuels.
The dependency on fossil fuels has developed into a globally scaled problem. Unfortunately this problem has been having an economic impact for far to many years and it will only get worse until the use of alternative energy sources are put to use in effective quantities. During her Congressional Testimony before the Committee on House Armed Services Subcommittee on Readiness, Honorable Jackalyne Pfannenstiel Assistant Secretary, Energy, Installations, and Environment Department Of The Navy pointed out that for every $1 rise per barrel it adds $30 million The Navy 's fuel expenses. One dollar may not seem like a lot to some, but when it is looked at like the previous example it shines a much…

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