Alternative Dispute Resolution ( Adr ) Process Essay

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This essay will explore the processes, concepts and practices, of ADR and how it has grown, established itself, and thrived to be more far reaching and inclusive. Also, it will outline the advantages and disadvantages of ADR and how its methods has impacted on Government policies, professionals and civil litigants.
Over the last two decades, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) processes has emerged as a concept that has had great influence on how many professionals are settling cases and doing so in an efficient, cost-effective and mutually accepted way. It has become a major part of the English Justice system and has developed over the years to suit more sophisticated needs and expectations. For decades, Civil Litigation has been the traditional process of disputing and resolving civil law matters between individuals or businesses and individuals based on legal principles. In most countries there are formal procedures for the conduct of this process which can be very complex, time consuming, with a growing consumer resistance to the very high costs, delays and shortcomings of the present system .
Going to court can be a very daunting experience for the parties involved and can be destructive to previously good personal and business relationships. Litigation can also be a very stressful experience, taking toll on one’s health due to all the worrying involved and the time it takes for the case to be heard and the lack of a speedy resolution in the majority of…

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