Alternate Assessment That Allows Individuals With Disabilities

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Alternate Assessment - Form of assessment that allows individuals with disabilities to still be accounted for along with peers of the same age or grade level. The necessary accommodations are provided in order to allows the student to take high stakes tests. Some of the accommodations may be providing the student with additional time to complete the test or taking the test in separate room without distractions. This alternate assessment is created based on a few things such as observations made by the teacher, work that has been produced in the classroom by the student, and any other accommodations or modifications established on the student’s IEP. Keeping in mind that even the alternate assessment must still be aligned with state standards based on grade level.
APE - Adapted Physical Education - An alternative course to standard P.E. classes. Where the student’s disability is taken into consideration and the activities are modified to accommodate the needs of each student. Can be used as a substitute for P.E. classes or in addition to. This component is required to be provided to students with disabilities by Federal Law. Adapted physical education can be provided on a one on one bases, small group, or large group setting. If the student if found to qualify for APE, this information must be stated on the student’s IEP. Also the IEP will specify how often the student should have APE and for how long, as well as the type of setting and the assessment and data collected on the…

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