Als Outline Essay

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SPC2608 Section #
September 18, 2011

Title: Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Topic: The unknowns of ALS
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience on being aware of ALS.
Thesis Statement:


Attention Material: Have you ever heard of ALS, better known as Lou Gehrig’s disease? For many people, ALS is a disorder that they may not know much about. I never heard of it either until my father was diagnosed with this disease in 2006. Because there is no known cure, it is important to detect this disease early, so that proper treatments and preparation can be done before it’s too late.

Thesis Statement: ALS is a disease that is terminal, non-curable and can be hereditary or not.
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B. More than 5,600 Americans are diagnosed with ALS each year. Approximately 35,000 people at any given time are living with ALS in the United States. The incidence of ALS is close to that of multiple sclerosis and four times that of muscular dystrophy (MDA).

(Transition: “How ALS has affected my Family”.) III. Back in 2005, my father was having some issues with muscle stiffness in his arms, and his legs were bothering him quite often, then he noticed he was starting to have some problems with slurring his speech and a couple other things were going on. After going to his doctor a few times to discuss these issues, they decided to do some testing to find out what was happening.

A. In 2006, my father was diagnosed with ALS. He was always a big (6’3”) man, 260 lbs. mostly healthy; a Navy man of 20 years of service, and never complained of much. Within the year of him waiting for a diagnosis, he was starting to deteriorate very quickly. He lost a lot of weight, was losing muscle tone in his arms and legs, and was having some breathing problems. B. Soon after being diagnosed, this disease started to really progress. Soon my father had lost all function of his hands, he couldn’t feed himself anymore, or hold a picture in his hands, and it became very devastating to him and also me. In 2009, my father now weighed 80

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