Alone By Edgar Allan Poe Analysis

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Edgar Allan Poe is one of the world’s most known poets. Throughout Poe’s poems, there are recurring themes, such as a longing for lost love and beauty, and a preoccupation with death. In the poem “Alone”, Poe focuses on his own childhood. The experiences that Poe had in his childhood affected the tone and basis for most of his poetry. Poe was abandoned by his Father at a very young age and forced to live with his mother. After only a short while, his mother passed away. Poe was then sent to live with a wealthy couple. Poe was then removed from the homes of two foster families. This feeling of abandonment by not only his parents, but his foster parents as well, creates a melancholy tone is Poe’s poems that reflects these emotional events that …show more content…
“In the dawn”, meaning the beginning part of his life, Poe describes his life as “Of a most stormy life was drawn.” This feeling may be due to the tragic and traumatic events that occurred in the first few years of his life. As the poem continues, Poe writes, “I could not bring/My passions from a common spring” and “And all I loved, I loved alone”. These lines show that Poe was not like the other children. He did not enjoy the same things as they did. This made Poe feel out of place throughout his entire childhood, and the rest of his life. Poe also talks about “The demon in my view”. Clearly there was no real demon, but this could symbolize the negativity that Poe felt, and the obstacles that he faced in life. Throughout the poem, it also uses words that create a somber and dark tone. Poe uses words such as alone, sorrow, stormy, thunder, and demon. These words were specifically chosen. Poe uses these words to display that throughout his childhood, he felt alone. He felt as though his life was like a storm, constantly dark and sad. Lastly, the title of the poem has a meaning from the later part of Poe’s life. The title refers to his wife,

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