Aloe Ver The World For Many Things Essay

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Plants are constantly used throughout the world for many things. Aloe Vera is one of many commonly used and is one of the first mentioned plants. The Aloe Vera plant has been around since before biblical times, originating in Egypt and the Middle East (5). Today there are around 250 species of aloe grown throughout the world. It can be found in India, Mexico, the Caribbean, Australia, Pacific Rim countries, South America, Central America and Africa (6). In each country, many people use this plant in various ways. It can be used for health purposes, beauty, medicinal reasons, and skin care (6). It is also known that it can be more helpful to elderly as well as those with lower immune systems. It is often said that Alexander the Great is accredited for discovering Aloe Vera off the coast of Africa. He applied it to wounded soldiers and it revealed to have not only faster healing but also less scarring. In the 1800s, the United States began to use Aloe Vera more regularly (4). During this time period Aloe Vera was primarily used for laxative purposes. In the 1930s, a patient affected by severe dermatitis was the reason for experimentation to start again. The patient was quickly healed of the dermatitis by simply applying the gel of the aloe leaves to the affected areas. Scientists began to experiment with patients suffering radiation burns along with the use of rats with lesions after this incident (5). The Aloe Vera Plant is a green succulent plant and also a part of the…

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